09:00 09:15 Welcome & Introduction to the IQIC
Kathy Jenkins, US
Session #1: Development of the Nursing Team
Moderators:Patricia Hickey
09:00 09:25 Introduction
Patricia Hickey, US
09:25 09:35 Perspective: Nurse Educator
Bruna Cury, Brazil
09:35 09:45 Nurse Driven Removal Chest Drain
Anida Elias, Malaysia
09:45 09:55 Nurse Practitioner Program in a Developing Country Congenital Cardiac Surgery Program
Qalab Abbas, Pakistan
Tahira Faiz, Pakistan
09:55 10:05 Medical Art Therapy for Symptom Relief and Coping with Procedures for Children with Congenital Heart Defects Undergoing Cardiac Surgery
Ekaterina Anikeeva, Russia
10:05 10:45 Panel Discussion
Session #2: Strategies for Infection Reduction          
Moderators: R. Krishna Kumar
10:45 10:55 Leading Practices in Infection Prevention
Debra Morrow, US
10:55 11:05 Strategies Implemented at Site
Orlando Tamariz, Mexico
11:05 11:15 Strategies Implemented at Site
Kiarelle Penaforte, Brazil
11:15 12:00 Panel Discussion
10:50 11:20 Lunch & Storyboard Posters
Session #3: Quality Improvement Competition
Moderators:Nestor Sandoval & William Novick
13:30 13:45 Impact of Pharmacist-lead Antibiotic Stewardship Program in a PICU of Low-middle Income Country
Qalab Abbas, Pakistan
13:45 14:00 Management of a Quality Improvement Group to Decrease Infections in a Pediatric Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit
Bruna Cury, Brazil
14:00 14:15 Quality Improvement: Minimizing Unplanned Extubations in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Institut Jantung Negara
Yogeswary Muniandy, Malaysia
14:15 14:30 Reduction of Post Extubation Stridor following Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Amitabh Sen, India
Session #4: IQIC Learning Session Conclusion
14:30 14:45 Nutrition
Titus Chan, US
14:45 14:50 Global Estimates of CHD and Malnutrition
Meghan Small Zimmerman, US
14:50 14:55 Discussion: Nutrition as a Key Driver
14:55 15:00 Moderators: Kathy Jenkins  and Patricia Hickey
Wrap-Up and Moving Forward
Kathy Jenkins, US