IMAGING (18 July, 2017 Tuesday / 13:30 - 15:30)

Imaging, Rheumatic, and Kawasaki Bridging Together Session
13:30 13:50 Rheumatic Fever
Tom Gentles, New Zealand
13:50 14:10 Kawasaki Disease
Isao Shiraishia, Japan
14:10 14:30 Coronary artery lumen and vessel wall imaging in children - how and when to use echo, MR, CT, or other modalities
Gerald Greil, US
14:30 14:50 Latest ARF Guidelines: how and when to use echo, MR, CT, or other modalities
Boglarka Remenyi, Australia
14:50 15:10 Making Screening for RHD Practical in Low and Middle Income Countries: Technology & Task Shifting
Andrea Beaton, US
15:10 15:30 Global burden of Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD): Lessons learned from echocardiography-based screeing
Liesl Zuhlke, South Africa