EP & AMB (19 July, 2017 Wednesday / 08:30 - 09:30)

Electrophysiology and General Ambulatory Cardiology
Sponsored by the Pediatric and Congenital EP Society (PACES) and Association of European Cardiology Dysrhythmia Section (AEPC)
08:00 08:15 Avoiding Red Flags in the Management of Syncope: Bringing Guidelines to the real world
Mitchell Cohen, US
08:15 08:30 When chest pain is our problem: What are the clues?
Juha-Mati Happonen, Finland
08:30 08:45 The evaluation of palpitations before the electrophysiologist
Konrad Brockmeier, Germany
08:45 09:00 Subtle findings that predict sudden death
Bryan Cannon, US
09:00 - 09:15 PVCs in postoperative congenital heart disease patients, when to worry and when to send to the EP?
Nico Blom, Netherlands
09:15 09:30 ICDs for the General Cardiologist: What is new that we must know?
Roland Kanter, US