Nursing & Administration (20 July, 2017 Thursday / 08:30 - 09:30)

Nursing & Administration: Developing Nurse Leaders
*Each of the first four speakers should focus on a single nurse-led initiative that they are proud of or has produced positive outcomes for patients. (i.e. a nurse-directed patient-centered project in the domains of safety, quality, infection reduction, nutrition, skin, patient experience, families etc. or a creative leadership role that has worked well)
08:00 08:10 Exemplar of Nursing Impact in Oceania
Ana Kennedy, New Zealand
08:10 08:20 Exemplar of Nursing Impact in Europe
Liz Smith, UK
08:20 08:30 Exemplar of Nursing Impact in Asia
Vivian Shen
08:30 08:40 Exemplar of Nursing Impact in Africa
Ncedi Stemela, South Africa
08:40 09:00 Nursing Leadership in the 21st Century
Patricia Hickey, US
09:00 09:30 Discussion